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Being Sick As Its Upsides | Jared/Sandy | G

Title: Being Sick As Its Upsides
Author: Ashley//(tehuberfangirl  )
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None really but if you watched “Search For The Next Doll” its kind of spoilery
Pairing: Jared Padalecki/Sandra McCoy (Sandywhack)
Summary: Chicken noodle soup can cure anything well almost anything
Disclaimer: I don’t own either of them and if I did they would already be married and have kiddies running around and calling Jensen Uncle Jenny. Also this is my first if ever so please don't bash little old me thanks.


She didn’t know what hurt more, her head or her stomach. Sitting back in the passenger side of her boyfriend’s car she let out a small moan due to her muscles hurting everywhere. “Baby? You okay?” a voice said, entering the petite brunette’s ears. Turning her head she gave him a nod. “Yeah, everything…just hurts,” she said with a pout and closing her eyes.

Jared frowned his brows before taking a hand off of the steering wheel and placed it on her forehead. “Jesus, you’re burning up. Maybe we should stop by the hospital,” he said, his voice laced with worry and concern. He knew that she shouldn’t have even bothered dancing when she was in such bad condition. As far as they both knew she might have gotten worse by using all her energy.

Sandra shook her head but kept her eyes closed. “No, I just wanna go home and sleep it off. That’s what the other girl did and she’s fine,” she said, letting out a small cough and snuggled more into the seat of his car. That’s all she wanted to do was sleep in Jared’s big king size bed with pillows surrounding her.

“Okay, but tomorrow we’re getting you checked out just in case you get any worse.” Smiling lightly he put both hands back into the steering wheel. It didn’t take long before he pulled up to the apartment that they both shared. Pulling the car keys out of the ignition he turned his head and was gonna ask her if she could get up and walk but quickly noticed that she had fallen asleep.

Smiling to himself he got out of the car quietly and went over to her side. Unbuckling her seat beat he carefully lifted her out of the car and into her arms. Wrapping her arms around his neck, he closed her door with his foot before making it towards their home. Luckily through all the moving Sandra hadn’t even stirred let alone woke up.

Once at the front door Jared could already hear Sadie and Harley barking and clawing at the door. Taking his hand away from Sandy for a second, he unlocked the door and walked in. Sadie and Harley jumped at him with both their tails wagging happily. “One second guys.” Smiling he walked towards bedroom that both he and Sandy shared.

Slipping his own shoes off half walk he walked into the bedroom and carefully placed Sandy down on the bed. She let out a small moan that sounded like his name. Smiling he slipped her shoes off and covered her feet with the blanket. Pulling the blankets up to her chin he sat down at the side of her bed.

Lifting a hand, he brushed some of her hair out of face, leaning down and kissing her forehead. Sandy smiled in her sleep and snuggled a little more into bed, enjoying how much more comfortable it was compared to the car seat she was sleeping in before.

Jared walked out of the room and into the kitchen area, Sadie and Harley following behind him. Turning he bent down, giving both dogs several long pats and kisses. After doing that he stood back up and started to get some stuff ready for Sandy before she woke up.


A couple hours passed before Sandy smelled something really good coming from the kitchen. “Jared?” she said with a small pout before lifting a hand and moving it to the other half of the bed. Half expecting to feel Jared beside her but instead felt nothing. Pouting she sat up and noticed that she was alone.

Thinking for a second she slid out of the comfy bed and noticed Jared had put out both her pink slippers and housecoat out for her. Smiling lightly she slipped her feet into the slippers and her arms into the housecoat. Once it was wrapped neatly around her waist she walked out of the bedroom and headed towards the kitchen.

Jared lifted his head, hearing shuffling feet against the wood flooring. Smiling, he poured what he was making into a bowl and placed it onto the kitchen table, grabbing a glass of apple juice also.

Sandy smiled as she came into the kitchen area seeing that Jared had made her a get better dinner along with some other little things she guessed that he gained from his mom. “Awe baby you didn’t have to do all this,” she said with a small smile while looking at him.

Jared grinned “Course I did, your not gonna get better all by yourself now come here.” Walking past a couple of chairs he stepped over to her and helped her towards the kitchen table. Pulling her chair out he smiled “Now this soup sure helped me out when I was a kid. My momma made it every time I was sick, likewise with Megan and Jeff.”

“Well tell your mom thanks for me.” Smiling she leaned forward and gave him a small peck on the lips before she started to eat up what Jared had made her. Looking up from her bowl of soup she watched as Jared started to clean after himself a little. In all her life she never would of guessed that she ended up meeting a guy quite like Jared. Sweet, caring and all around good guy. There wasn’t a lot of guys left in the world like that. She considered herself the luckiest girl in the world.

Tags: jared/sandy
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