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Testing the Strong Ones | PG | Will/Allan, Will/Djaq/Allan

Title: Testing the Strong Ones
Author: Ashley//(</a></b></a>tehuberfangirl )
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None it just a random dribble that popped in my head
Pairing: Will/Allan, Will/Djaq/Allan
Summary: If you ever wanna angst over a tiny dribble this is probably the one to angst over (mind you its not looked over for spelling mistakes O_O)
Disclaimer: ;-; Character death ;-;

Life is made of moments – sad moments, happy moments, confusing moments, intriguing moments. But there is a moment that only comes once in a lifetime, maybe twice, that life changing moment where time stands still, the world goes silent, and everything appears as clear as the midsummer sky. In that single, solitary, simple moment, you forget every moment before it, and you don’t even think that there will be moments after it. This was the moment that Allan A Dale was in. He could feel, and yet he seemed numb; he could hear, and yet he seemed deaf; he could see, and yet he seemed blind. Everything felt as though it were dancing, spinning, falling. It reminded him of how sand falls from your hand back to the earth. He gasped for a breath and yet could not breathe. It was hard, this feeling. Pain, as well as sadness. The whole process seemed to take several years as he finally comprehended what was happening to him.

Trying to draw breath again, he brought a hand up to his chest as he slumped forward slightly, catching himself on a tree. He could hear the dull metallic clangs all about him, but the sound of his gasps seemed deafening in comparison. As his free hand made it to his chest he was immediately met with a warm, sticky substance. Allan knew almost instantly what it was, and tried not to acknowledge it – but there was no denying, blood. A challenging smirk made it’s way to his pained face as he pulled the first arrow. He would not die without a fight, for he was Allan A Dale! Pulling the second arrow, he cast it aside. Turning his head, he laid eyes on them who were both staring wide eyed back at him. He could see tears in Djaq’s eyes and her lips moved but made no sound. Whatever she had said was beyond him. The fear and shock and gratitude in Will’s eyes saddened Allan – it all did. How had this happened? Oh yeah:


If she hadn’t stormed off – wait, or rather, he hadn’t made that comment – none of this would have happened. For the first time in his life, Allan truly regretted something. He had said something unkind – had pushed the line too far, he had hurt her – and he was sorry.

Time then seemed to speed up again, and Allan felt that he could not longer stand. Falling to his knees, he felt arms catch him and stop him from falling back. His eyes tried to roll, but he would not let them, not yet. It was Will who had caught him. Will, his best mate, the only person who ever truly seemed to get him – oh, how he had let him down. The man held him, and Allan tried to collect himself – but found it hard. He couldn’t focus – his thoughts were scattered and muddled with bits of black. ‘So,’ he thought, ‘this is what it’s like to die.’ Forcing himself with everything he had to meet Will’s teary gaze, he attempted a smile, his most dashing one – but it wasn’t the same. It never would be again. “Looks like it’s finally got me…. Eh?”

Allan laughed and gave a small cough, funny how when he had pretended to die, the cough was very much the same…. “I have to tell you,” he gasped again, “I’m sorry – for everything. You had better take,” gasp, “Good care of her, mate - or I swear to God and Allah I’ll haunt you.”

Will opened his mouth to protest as a tear started gently down his cheek, but Allan stopped him by raising his hand slightly and pointedly. No, there was to be no arguing – and Will understood. There was nothing to be done, and within mere moments, Allan A Dale was no more. His blue eyes were dull, open and gazing towards Heaven – his final reprieve. Even though his tunic was stained through with blood, you would never have known that he had been in pain as he passed. Lips parted slightly, they were still in a mocking, challenging half smile – as if telling death: Bring it On.

Will stayed, holding his fallen friend, hugging him to him, crying to heaven to spare the man, to give him back his life, to give him another chance – but all in vain. Djaq had taken up Will’s weapon and was gone into the fray – determined to avenge her comrade’s death. Gently laying Allan’s body out, Will simply stared at him. How quickly life could be gone – it amazed him no matter how many times he saw it happen. He folded Allan’s hands, smoothed his tunic, then went to gently lift his chin and he couldn’t help but think, ‘Have I really been so blind, and unkind to him?’ He couldn’t help the itch to touch and hold him once again, but refrained from doing so. He simply sat, and stared – that was when the rain came. Leaning forward slightly, he closed Allan’s eyes and couldn’t believe that they would never open again. Will sat and watched as the blood was washed out of the tunic. Allan looked as though he were sleeping, or playing one of his little pranks. Will half expected him to pop up any moment and exclaim, “Fooled you!”

But this time was for real – and Will couldn’t bear it.

But Allan, in death had probably done the noblest thing in his life – he had sacrificed himself for Djaq. Had he not pushed her out of the way, the arrows would have struck her. Love has a funny way of changing people for the better – and even in Allan’s case, it’s better late than never.
Tags: robin hood, will/allan, will/djaq/allan
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